Allure Drum Pad

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“Allure” Drum Pad:

A new collaboration between myself and woodworking expert Allan Fausnaught (Woodland Percussion). It’s an 11” drum pad with a hand illustrated design etched into the wood frame (with dimensional inlays) encasing a 6” rubber pad. There are 8 available for this very limited run.

We did this as a way to bring art into the modern drummer’s household and/or practice space. Rather than having another bulky rubber pad lying around on the coffee table or office, you’ll have a piece of art that will compliment whatever location you leave it. For me, rudiment practice can be a very effective form of meditation to start and end the day, so I wanted something to honor that ritual with visual details that keep me inspired. The non-slip silicone feet are also super effective and prevent any sort of movement when using it on a hard surface. This will be the last drum pad  collab we do for a while, so if you’re interested, grab them before they’re gone. -Aric



11” wide solid figured cherry wood

6” rubber pad

Non-slip silicone feet

Natural oil finish

Only 8 left