Balance of Shadows

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“The Balance of Shadows” is a new one of a kind collaboration piece between Aric Improta and wood working expert Allan Fausnaught.

It is a testament to the dichotomy that drives all aspects of life. Built as a reminder to encourage the important search for balance when navigating between life’s inevitable extremes. Light and shadow, order and chaos, pain and pleasure, etc.

This massive 80” beam is our largest project to date and was designed to be a focal point for which ever room it hangs in. Built to draw attention while simultaneously complimenting it’s environment. All of the mandala designs were hand drawn and then intricately engraved line for line into the curly maple discs to form the dimensional inlays. The moon phases are discreetly suspended from inside the beam and shaped from solid brass. The natural oil finish was chosen to both protect and enhance the beauty of the wood. We’ve put a great level of detail and effort into this one of a kind piece to bring it to life and it’s now available publicly for the first time.



-80” wide 9.5 tall

-Moons approximately 8” round

-1/16” thick solid brass

-All brass hardware

-Natural oil finish 

-Intricately engraved dimensional inlays made of Curly Maple of various sizes

-Easy to hang heavy duty D-Ring brackets on the back.