“Temple” Cymbal Art

Regular price $1,000.00

-This is the “Temple” design carefully hand stained (patinated) into the top of a 16” cymbal. It is 1 of 1.

-This signed / hand designed art piece is a collaboration between myself and creative engineer Allan Fausnaught. 

-It is not intended to be played, but rather to hang on the wall as visual art.

-The cymbal also comes with an easy-to-use metal wall mount. (It can also be easily framed in a shadow box.)




After 2 decades of expressing myself sonically on the drum set, it seemed like the next step was to do so visually. I’ve always felt the further you can extended your creativity, in multiple facets, the more personal your art becomes. When I first started working with Allan to stain designs into cymbals, it was an effort to combine our interests in both drumming and fine art. These cymbals are now made to hang on a wall and act as a focal piece in any room. Using this unique canvas pays homage to our passion for music, while displaying visual art that I initially drew on the road, touring the world. These are one of a kind, limited pieces and are now available for purchase.